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Ciao Bella, Photo by Gergő Pejkó Plus size fashion and the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend know no boundaries — this truly international event attracted the aspiring Hungarian plus size model, Eva Fontaine as well who participated in the open casting in December.

She did not have to arrange airplane tickets or accommodation as this 21 years old beauty has been living in London for 1.

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But before telling me about that particular day last December, I wanted to know how she started plus size modelling and her answer definitely surprised me. Eva Fontaine: I started to be interested in fashion photography when I was 14 and after high school I moved to Budapest and enrolled in a Photo School at Práter utca.

In line with my studies I also started my intern as an assistant for 2 famous fashion photographers who taught me a lot! This is how all started!


I can easily help my colleagues, no matter which side of the camera I stand. I shared my idea with many people who liked it but back at that time plus size fever did not break into Hungary. After 1 year of pursuiting my dreams I got a possibility from Marie Claire magazine to participate in their September issue Before moving to London we could discuss everything and planned our cooperation.

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Since then I work for her agency and always fly home to Hungary for various modelling projects. All of these were incredible and inspiring experience and I am proud that my curves reached such media levels! Glamour magazine, C. My favourites are the feminine style dresses which show the best parts of my curves.

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I believe that style does not depend on money — back at home and here in London I always find special treasures in second-hand shops, too! Since I was always curvy, during the years I learned how to enhance my best bodyparts — I think this is the most important: to know and to love your body!

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Experiment new styles gradually and then it becomes easy to pair the right dress with the right accessories — whether it is a classical trench coat or a bold pair of colourful high heel shoes. I love it! The organizers, with whom you already made interviews, were really kind and the atmosphere of the casting was friendly and relaxed.

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We had a nice chat while they flipped through my model book and then the waiting cast ee tökéletes test- karcsúsító hab. Before the holidays I got the fantastic news and for couple of days I hardly believed that I was selected to be one of the 10 plus size models to participate at the fashion show!

Amikor a tartozékok készen állnak, folytathatja a munkát egy minta alapozásának létrehozásával, és fontos, hogy lépésről lépésre végezze el az összes lépést. A repedések és a forgácsok, amelyek az alapon lehetnek, fel kell tölteni epoxigyanta vagy cement keverékével.

Your story is so inspirational — do you have any advice for Hungarian women how to accept their curves? Everybody can be beautiful — the secret is to believe you are beautiful! Regarding the appearance — accessories can make a difference as a piece of jewellry, shoes or bag can make a simple dress particular!

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Nők Lapja magazine, Eva carried me away with her charming personality, her modesty and kindness. When I asked her to reveal the most important key factor to become a cast ee tökéletes test- karcsúsító hab, her immediate answer was humbleness. She told me one of her favourite stories when she had the chance to work as a photographer with the internationally known and successful model, Enikő Mihalik who perfectly combine professionalism with humbleness.

Eva also told me a funny and sweet story which happened to her in London: in the middle of Soho a British guy literally fell on his knees to propose to this beauty and even if she did not say yes, the memory definitely stays with her forever.

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With all my heart I wish to make BPSFW a memorable event which brings international success for this talented, beautiful girl!

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