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Dozent Dr. A brailai magyar oktatás ügye a két világháború között Attila Seres. FO Ford. HAS Ism. Szle Történelmi Szemle Budapest úő.

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They present research results and understandings of scholars from Hungary and Bulgaria and Russia as an invited guest of a shared past in contexts of contacts and conflicts, from the standpoint of the historical events behind the curtains, parallelisms and difference concerning social, economic, religious and cultural aspects, mentality. Indeed the conference is a timely opportunity to again and again exchange scientific research and findings regarding the historical past of our neighbouring regions Southeast and Central Europe.

Both regions, being part of the pan-european cultural heritage, poses specific identity, based on the lessons learnt during historical periods of glory and unfortunately of troubles.

The archives, researched by historians, reveal that shared understanding of the past, define the development of a common future of two brave 12 nations, willing to guarantee the prosperity of their people.

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In regional context the archives reveal that the two neighbouring regions have influenced each other, have developed an extensive network of contacts economically, culturally and people to people, have tried to assist each other at difficult historical times. And I wish to extend acknowledgments to the researchers of both Academies of Science for their dedicated work in the frame of the joint academic project Shared Pasts in Central and Southeast Europe: New Sources, New Approaches and in particular to the members of Hungarian Bulgarian Joint Academic Commission of Historians.

The track record of the Joint Commission over the years has been impressive and have testified to the need of such type of studies for the benefit of the next sör bélzsír veszteség. At present Bulgaria and Hungary share common values and are two champions of peace and stability multi slim mneniq their respective regions.

Both states share the view that unification of Europe will only be completed once all the countries in the Western Balkans join the European Union. I avail of this opportunity to congratulate the organizers of the conference and to wish all of you every success in your scientific endevours.

I will be delighted to host you at the Bulgarian Embassy in Budapest for a closing reception at the end of the conference and to get testsúlycsökkenés halál esetén of your future plans for cooperation. I am delighted and very proud to greet you all in the international scientific conference entitled Contacts and Conflicts in Central and Southeast Europe: Hungarian and Bulgarian Approaches, which is realized within the frame of the joint academic project Shared pasts in Central and Southeast Europe 13 New Sources, New Approaches.

The communication between the historical institutes of the two academies is mainly realized through the activity of the Bulgarian-Hungarian Joint Academic Commission of Historians which was re established inand multi slim mneniq an multi slim mneniq role in coordinating the scientific activities and tasks. In the recent years the cooperation of the two institutions resulted in the publication of three books two of them were published last year containing the collected studies of the last joint conference held in Sofia inentitled Regions, Borders, Societies, Identities a separate volume of studies in the peer-reviewed Bulgarian Historical Review and several online publications.

Beyond this, the bilateral agreement promoted the realization of two Bolyai Scholarships in Multi slim mneniq by providing accomodation and research possibilities in the Bulgarian archives, which resulted in two volumes on the society and economy of the Balkan peninsula.

The cooperation also enhances the opportunity for Hungarian doctoral students to finish their dissertation. Being so fruitful, the bilateral agreement for the cooperation has been renewed several times. The recent project lasts till the end of The Hungarian partner in its project plan beyond the research on social and diplomatic history of the peninsula outlined a methodological workshop for academic researchers for the last project year and lectures on history in Hungarian language for the students of the Sofia University.

The significance of this event and this cooperation can be underlined by the fact that this is the only operating academic-level cooperation of the HAS RCH Institute of History with any of the Balkan countries.

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This is true even if last year our institute 14 established very good direct relations with multi slim mneniq Croatian Institutes of History and in February fogyás most year we organised a big joint conference on the historical contacts of the multi slim mneniq nations during the years of common statehood.

To this I can now add another promising development: in March this year we got in touch with the Institute for Balkan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and agreed to publish a volume in English on the Serbian-Hungarian relations and mutual perceptions in the 19 th and 20 th centuries. Devoted the improvement of the international relations a new department multi slim mneniq just been founded at our institute to undertake scientific research related to Balkan affairs and to coordinate other public activities including the promotion of the implementation of Balkan studies in higher education.

Our future goal is to move on creating either bilateral or even multilateral agreements with the academies of the peninsula, as well as to elaborate a joint strategy of historical research enabling us to create a network of cooperation with western research centers and that way promoting the accessibility to financial sources through international applications and scholarships.

In this regard our institution tries to function as a link between the peninsula and Western Europe. And finally, let me recall a personal memory.

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It was maybe at the end of that Penka Peykovska came to see me and asked me to do my best in order to keep the joint academic commission of our historians alive. She visited me because by that time it had already become public that I would be appointed the new director of the institute.

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She deemed it necessary to draw my attention to fogyás módozatai work of the commission and asked for my support because she was worrying about the future of the multi slim mneniq projects already under way.

During our talk I promised her to do my best and I emphasised my commitment to the Bulgarian-Hungarian cooperation. I hope that since then I have been able to live up to her expectations. As I mentioned we published two volumes recently. We spared no efforts and means that this conference has really come true. And I hope that due to our joint efforts we will be able to continue our common projects in the future, too 15 I would like to conclude by thanking all of you for having accepted our invitation and contributed to the realization of this meeting either by giving a lecture or by doing hard organization work.

My special thanks go to my colleague Gábor Demeter for the excellent scientific and organisational work he has done. I wish You, I wish us a very good and fruitful conference. Welcome to our Institute, welcome to Hungary. First of all let me multi slim mneniq that I am very glad to be here with you.

There are almost ten years since we renewed our scientific cooperation.

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The first joint project between both Institutes of History started in the year of the one at the HAS and the one at the BAS, at the end of which we agreed with the need of recreating the Joint Hungarian-Bulgarian Commission of Historians.

In the year of the Commission was born we a testzsír égetésére already had three joint projects behind us, which unified the efforts of many colleagues of both sides specialists in the history of the Ottoman and the Hapsburg empires, as well as in contemporary history of Central and Southeastern Europe, including the ones of Hungary and Bulgaria.

We have already investigated some aspects of the Ottoman Balkan past, the peculiarities of the National revival and the National state building, some problems of war and peace, of the demographic development, 16 the minority issue, of some auxiliary sciences of history, and so on.

In fiatalok a fogyásban sense, the work of the Joint Commission is very useful. And perhaps the greatest contribution to that came from the secretaries of the Commission now Dr. Gábor Demeter from Hungarian side and Multi slim mneniq. Penka Peykovska from the Bulgarian side. They are the living flame of our Commission. Let us thank them cordially for their dedicated work.

Their latest success is zsírégető anyag tartalma preparation of the two books that will be presented today at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Budapest.

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These beautiful editions could not have been realized without multi slim mneniq kind support of the Director General of the Research Centre for Humanities, Prof. Pál Fodor. Thank you very much indeed for these two splendid works and for all that you have done for us. Finally, let me express my very hope, that despite of all difficulties of the time in what we live and work, the Hungarian- Bulgarian Joint Commission of Historians will further continue doing its useful work in clearing different aspects of the joint historical processes in Central and Southeastern Europe, bringing together the efforts of the Hungarian and Bulgarian historical humanitarians.

Thank you! Es handelt sich um die allgemeine Zugänglichmachung der Schriftennachlässe von drei ungarischen historischen Persönlichkeiten, István Burián, Lajos Thallóczy und Mihály Jungeth-Arnóthy, die sich im Prozess der nationalstaatlichen Umgestaltung und der mehrmaligen multi slim mneniq Neuordnungen Südosteuropas im Als Diplomaten und beamtete Wissenschaftler verbrachten sie eine lange Zeit in den Balkanländern und ihre Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse wurden von ihnen in Jahrzehnte überwölbenden Tagebüchern verewigt, die für die regionale Erforschung der Politik- Mentalität- und Kulturgeschichte von eminenter Bedeutung sind.

Die Tagebücher sind für die Forschung zwar nicht unbekannt, doch in ihrer wissenschaftlichen Wertung überwiegen die sporadischen und zufälligen Momente.

Obwohl ausgewählte Kapitel der Tagebücher schon in deutscher, bulgarischer und ungarischer Sprache veröffentlicht wurden, entsprechen diese Teileditionen wegen ihrer einseitigen Auswahlkriterien und oft mangelder Texterläuterungen nur in beschränktem Maße den Ansprüchen der komplexen regionalen Forschung. Die neuen medialen technischen Errungenschaften unserer Epoche, die Digitalisierung und die elektronische Erreichbarkeit im Internet erleichtern zwar ohne Zweifel den physichen Zugang zu einem kompletten handschriftlichen Quellenkorpus, doch die Erschließung der speziellen Inhalte und die Klärung der regional-nationalen Zusammenhänge erfordern súlycsökkentő kiegészítő minták, dass die Tagebücher mit erläuterndem Anmerkungsapparat versehen werden.

Auch in der internationalen Praxis wird fogyás mitokondriumok Grundsatz immer mehr Geltung verschafft, dass die historischen Grundforschungen der Quelleneditionen nicht durch die medialen Erneuerungen ersetzt 18 und erspart werden können. In diesem Zeichen wurden die Editionsarbeiten der Kriegstagebücher des Balkanexperten und der grauen Eminenz der ungarischen Politik in Wien, Lajos Thallóczy, aus den Jahren in multi slim mneniq Institut nach gründlicher technischer Vorbereitung in Angriff genommen.

Das Schiksal der Veröffentlichung der Tagebücher von István Burián aus den Jahren ist ein aufschlußreicher Abdruck der ungarischen Geschichtpolitik des vergangenen halben Jahrhunderts. Die vollständige Textrekonstruktion der in mehreren Anstalten verstreuten Tagebüchern wurde von dem Mitglied der Vorgängerorganisation unserer Historikerkommission, dem emeritierten Universitätsprofessor István Diószegi fertiggestellt, doch die Veröffentlichung wurde damals verhindert, weil die Eintragungen in Sofia, lefogy a megfelelő okok miatt im Zeitraum des ausgehenden Jahrhunderts verfasst wurden, als nicht zeitgemäß betrachtet wurden, weil sie russenfeindliche Bemerkungen beinhalteten.

Im Jahr der osteuropäischen Wende berichtete das ungarischsprachige Nachrichtenmagazin Bulgária darüber, dass die politischen Hindernisse der Publikation nicht mehr bestehen und es wurde eine baldige Veröffentlichung angekündigt.

Zehn Jahre später erschien wirklich eine Teilpublikation der Burián-Tagebücher, doch die gründlichen Vorarbeiten und die fertiggestellte Textrekonstruktion wurden überhaupt nicht in Betracht gezogen. Die ganze Edition beschränkte sich bloß auf die Quellen eines enizigen Archivs, so kamen die wichtigsten bulgarischen Bezüge der Burián-Tagebücher nicht zur Veröffentlichung.

Die erlangte Forschungs- und Publikationsfreiheit ist also ebenso wenig ein Garant für die fachlich relevante Editionsarbeit, wie die technischen Neuigkeiten.

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Translated from the Turkish by Charles Fraser. Documente privitoare la Istoria Românilor. Bucureşti, BOA, TT Kepeci, Mevkufat Kalemi, N. BOA, K. In: Gradeva, R. Rumeli under the Ottomans, 15 th 18 th Centuries: Institutions and Communities. Inalcık, H. Avec la collaboration de S. Asdrachas, T. Karanastassis, K. Kostis, S. Rumeli under the Ottomans, 53 66; Jennings, R. Kadı, Court and Legal Procedure in 17 th C.

Ottoman Kayseri.

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In: Studia Islamica, 50,; Faroqhi, S. In: Mémorial Ömer L. Palestinian Peasants and Ottoman Officials. Cambridge University Press,; Ergene, B.

Leiden Boston,33 56; Demirci, S. Revenue Raising and Legitimacy. Köln,; Ergene, B.

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Darling, L. War and Peace in Rumeli 15 th to Beginning of 19 th Century. Istanbul,; Veinstein, G.

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L administration ottomane et le problème des interprètes. Hommage à André Raymond, coord. Par B. Marino, Damas,65 79; Çiçek, K. Remarques sur l oral et écrit dans l administration ottomane au XVIe siècle. In: Oral et écrit dans le monde turco-ottoman. Etudes sous la responsabilité de N. Inalcık, Op. I shall mainly concentrate on the age of Leopold I.

Emperor Leopold I spoke perfect Italian, and he was said to be happy when he could use Italian language, since this reminded him to be the head of the Holy Roman Empire.

Léopold I fondateur de la puissance autrichienne.

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Paris, ; idem, La Cour impériale de Léopold Multi slim mneniq er : partis, clans et clienteles. Marburg, ; Hamann, B. Die Fogyás ezine. Ein biographisches Lexikon, Wien, ; Lorenzi, E.

Kaiser Leopold I. Wien, ; Evans, R. Wien-Köln, ; Winkelbauer, Th. Ständefreiheit und Fürstenmacht. In: Herwig, W. Leopoldo I.

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Imperatore e la sua Corte nella letteratura italiana. Molnár of imperial nobility, among the Austrian and German aristocrats could be extended also to the Italians. Furthermore many Italian priest, monks and clerks worked in the Habsburg Empire, there were numerous Italian musicians in Vienna, some of them were noted also as historians, like Angelini-Bontempi.

Already in the 16 th century Italian military leaders had arrived to the Hungarian front-line, and with them also military engineers came from Italy, since in hogyan lehet eltávolítani a csuklózsírt field they were the most innovative experts, able to find always the cheapest, easiest and most efficient solution to any multi slim mneniq problem.

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In the Hungarian inventories in the 16 th century we find the names of roughly 60 Italian constructors of castles who spent shorter or longer periods in the territory of the Hungarian Kingdom for example Pietro Ferabosco, Giulio and Ottavio Baldigara, Felice da Pisa, Giovanni Maria da Speziacasa, Carlo Teti and so on.

Battista Hacque, ; Bene S. Ő császári felségének kedve telik benne Egy birodalmi história és társszerzői. Descritta multi slim mneniq cavaliere Gio. Battista Comazzi. Vienna-Milano, Historia della ribellione d'ungheria di Gio.

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Andrea Angelini Bontempi perugino. Dresda, Maggiorotti, L. Gli architetti militari.